What does it mean to heal ? 


To Heal (ourselves or another) has so many different connotations. To some of us it is the healing of our physical bodies from dis-ease, aches and  pains. Yet to some of us it is more about the relief from anxiety, stress and suffering to a state of peace and harmony, no matter what shape our body is in.

To others, perhaps it is the ability to heal from the pain of a broken heart or the sadness and grief that accompanies loss. The difference in these perceptions primarily depends on our beliefs about our identity. If we identify ourselves as just a physical body then to Heal would most definitely be about healing our bodies. When our body starts to break down it brings up tremendous fear of our death.

No matter what our views on healing are, the common theme that runs through all of these perceptions is that to Heal is to be free of FEAR and PAIN. Herein lies the truth of what it means to Heal.

To heal is to be free of fear and pain.

There are really only two emotions that we can experience and those are either fear or love. Our life journey is a long path to free ourselves from fear and to find true love. Thus, to heal is to become love, to express and to be love -- to experience and know ourselves as love. This is not to be confused with experiencing ourselves as being worthy of love or as being lovable. Just Be Love.

To know our-self as love is a huge shift in the perception of our identity -- it is a meeting point of self with Self

If all healing is then about the re-storation of our awareness to the presence of our-selves as love, then to heal is to remove all of the obstacles that stand in the way of this awareness.

Every true healing practice (for ourselves or for another) has this purpose as its goal: Re-storing our-selves to the awareness of Love’s Presence within and without.

Whether our healing practice for ourselves is to practice daily loving kindness, gratitude, gentleness, or just simply doing yoga, drinking more water, meditating or taking walks in nature -- the goal is always the same — loving yourself to life ever-more.

Maybe the question to ask ourselves often is:

Is this action, or non-action, this thought, this behavior, this response or re-action, this practice -- restoring me in some small way to the awareness of the Presence of Love that I am?

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