9 Ascension Acceleration Activations

OneHealingPresence is a practical ascension ministry that offers support and guidance for all hearts that are awakening to their true self as well as advanced soul-seekers on the path of awareness.  All  journeys by automobile require a guide, whether you consult a road map or your GPS.  We all have a built in GPS within us (the ONE HEALING PRESENCE) yet often we cannot hear the voice of our GPS until we have cleared all of the distractions and limitations.  Only then may we may hear that small but powerful voice within us, constantly  guiding us and cheering us on with its love and infinite wisdom. These distractions could be likened to driving with the radio on full volume so that you cannot hear the voice that says, "There is a road block ahead -- turn left!"


All of our interventions are designed to bring one into full awareness of the OneHealingPresence within. With our knowledge of a practical ascension process, we have structured a "road-map" for the way back home. 

Whether you are  now fully committed to awakening and ascending or currently in a healing crisis and wanting to move forward from living a life of limitation and pain to the life of peace, love and joy,  we welcome and honor you in the unity of the OneHealingPresence that we all are. 

The ascension road map is based on teachings of Ascended Masters for the requirements for ascension: 

  • Balancing of 3 elements within (Love, Wisdom and Power)

  • Healing of our 4 lower bodies (Etheric, Mental, Emotional and Physical) 

  • Transmuting 51 % of one's karma (unbalanced energies)

  • Fulfilling one's Soul's Purpose.

Our OneHealingPresence interventions are based on a 3 main overriding ascension themes being : 

We have designed 9 Ascension Acceleration Activations for these themes: three activations for each theme. Each activation builds on the previous and increases one's ability to hold Light:

  1. Developing self-awareness of personality programming, limiting belief systems and self-defeating habitual patterns.

  2. Understanding and balancing the four elements ( Fire, Air, Water and Earth) and one's primary center of expression.

  3. Purifying and healing of the four lower bodies (Etheric, Mental, Emotional and Physical).

  4. Opening and healing of the hu-man heart; re-cognizing past wounds, resentments and traumas; practice of radical forgiveness.

  5. Healing and  balancing of the masculine and feminine expressions in all forms of life (creating sacred unions). 

  6. Seven Rays Initiations of the seven levels of consciousness. 

  7. Violet flame Initiations and anchoring divine joy and freedom.

  8. Lightbody activation and guide to fifth dimensional living.

  9. Ruby Ray Initiations of Divine Wisdom.    


At the root of One Healing Presence teachings lies the transformation and transfiguration of consciousness being the next step in human evolution.