Egypt Sacred Tour October 2022

A magical two week sacred journey thru EGYPT incl 8 night Nile cruise

  • Starts Oct 15
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  • Egypt

Service Description

To visit Egypt is to light a fire in your life, for everywhere is the evidence of our ancient and mystical past. How is it possible that the Pyramids were built and to such exact sacred geometrical proportions? Why did Egyptians revere the afterlife? The ancient Egyptians created structures and cosmology that ignites the imagination, inviting us to question all that we believed to be true. During this tour we will reconnect to our ancient lineage and reveal our present day gifts. To download a full brochure go to We will connect and commune with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian nature spirits and deities. In each temple we visit, every participant will receive Initiations and Ascension frequency upgrades. We will be accompanied by a full time Egyptologist to bring the past alive. We will immerse ourselves in Ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings with particular emphasis on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth with daily readings and contemplation upon their wisdom—expanding our consciousness in the process. The following interventions will be offered to the group: Full History of Egypt with our Egyptologist Ascension Initiations Group wisdom guidance Cosmic group life regression Sacred Geometry on the Flower of Life Emerald Tablet readings and Initiations

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