We offer private retreats for both individuals and groups. A private retreat is a means of doing intensive self-contemplation in a loving, supportive environment. 

 Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of Wisdom”.

Our retreats are designed to catapult you into deeper levels of understanding, healing and loving and a leap into the transcendence of the Integrated Soul.


It is the transmission of the OneHealingPresence that resides in all. This Presence, our ability to be unconditionally wise Love in action, is obscured from our awareness and experience by layers of human conditioning.  Experiences that we have not forgiven and healed combine to clog up our minds, hearts and bodies.

The retreats that we offer dive deeply into the our unconscious patterning as well as boldly taking flight into the majesty of our true perfection and eternal unchanging Presence.

Each retreat is designed intuitively and tailored to your requirements:


Some of the Intended Outcomes of our Retreats are : 

•    Healing of memories and the mental, emotional and physical bodies 
•    Training in self-mastery through self-awareness
•    Becoming your own self ascension coach  
•    Training the trainer (Teacher of transformation) 
•    Understanding how transformation works at the deeper levels. 
•    Soul -Activation
•    Reconnecting with and remembering your divine self (I AM PRESENCE). 
•    Developing of your channel of Presence. 
•    Learning how to assist others with self-realization. 

Each retreat provides tools provided for you to implement  and use such as : 

•    Polarity processing technique (squares and triangles)
•    Witnessing tools 
•    Unified chakra 
•    Integration of missing parts technique 
•    Processing childhood tools 
•    Inner-child healing
•    Frozen children tool 
•    Tools to balance the masculine and feminine. 

Our retreats vary between 3 days to 7 days. The pricing for each retreat is calculated depending on the length of the retreat and number of participants. 

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