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"In 2016 we were so blessed that divine grace brought us together in Maui, Hawaii to form a sacred union. It seems as if the universe had a plan (although we were oblivious of course!) to get us together. We met under miraculous circumstances! “


~ Ah Nah : So much had happened and continues ....where do I start with the story of our beginning :-)


Maybe here...

After graduating from “ All Faiths” International Seminary in New York, I felt this urge to travel -- this time on my own (previously I have co-led several pilgrimages to sacred sites on other continents). My children are all grown up and on their own -- now is the time, I thought. I was finishing the remaining scheduled workshops and classes, following my calendar of events planned for the second part of the year as well as continuing my private healing practice in my Center of Healing Light. During that time I had the feeling that my life would change soon, therefore I needed to put everything in order. It felt like dying to the life I had known and allowing for the arrival of the unknown new. But what was this to look like? I had no idea.

Spirit did know and led the way. I obediently followed, guided by the clues, signs, and pushes. When I did not listen or follow instructions quickly enough, I would choose a card in meditation circle with messages such as “time to go”, “aloha”, “Pele--Hawaiian Goddess” or “Buddha” inviting me to come. Many of my clairvoyant clients were giving me messages from Spirit during the sessions such as I must travel to Hawaii or Bali (it was not exactly clear where) as soon possible. There, they said, I will meet (on several occasions), the man in the cup that will play an important role in my life. They saw him in deep meditation on the top of Machu Picchu, Peru or by a huge Buddha statue in an unknown location. I would not have to join him but I might want to do that, they said. Laughing joyfully with them yet not seriously concerned about the messages, I continued with my assignment to put things in order.

One time my weekly client gave me a gift of a 2-week vacation at his time share as a thank you gift for our work together. The only thing that I needed to do was to choose my destination. Grateful for the gift and exited to go, I began to dream about going to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, or maybe Italy. There were so many unexplored sites that I wanted to go to! I could not decide where so I meditated on it each week before my client’s session and I received only ONE answer: Hawaii. No, I thought, I can go there any time! It is the United Stated, after all, and yes, I wanted to go there but not with this opportunity to go so many other places. Weekly, my client impatiently reminded me of the deadline to choose the destination and the gentle voice in meditation continue to whisper, “Hawaii”, as the answer to my question for guidance (even though I had other plans!) I finally resigned myself, “Hawaii it is.” That week my card from the circle said “ time to go.” All right -- Kauai, Hawaii, here I come!


For this vacation I invited my youngest daughter Tina and her husband Orion to join me. I missed her so much, even though it had only been a few months since she left home to live in Texas. What a beautiful time of adventure, re-connection and healing we all had! When we parted ways we were stronger in the love, understanding and appreciation for each other. Tina and Orion left for their home in Texas and I continued, by the guidance of Spirit, on my journey around the Hawaiian Islands, this time to Maui.


My friend from the Big Island informed me, the day before leaving Kauai, that the healing retreat and workshop dates that we were planning to offer in Kona on the Big Island, were pushed to the last week of January, which left me with a few weeks free time. In silence I asked again and had this strong knowing that I must visit Maui and Lanai. Through my friend in my ministerial community I became connected with the owner of the Sacred Garden on Maui.


When I met the owner she told me, “Normally I do not rent my studio, leaving it open for my closest family members but this time I know that you need to be here.” We had an instant recognition of knowing each other from other times. “Don’t worry about the car”, she continued (last moment rentals, before Christmas are always expensive), “you can use Uber for now, I also will take you places when I can and later the prices will drop. For now put your luggage in the room, wash up and come to the Christmas party in 10 minutes.”


Tired but hungry I went to meet A Sacred Garden’s spiritual community. So much happened quickly! I had a glass of champagne on a near empty stomach (there were not many choices for me to eat, being a gluten and dairy-free person); and there was the music, meeting new people, missing my family (this was my first Christmas ever without my family), and Santa's invitation to sit on his lap and make a wish. He asked, “What do you want for Christmas?” Of course my first thought was, “A new Center for my practice” and then, to my surprise, the gentle voice in my head spoke unexpectedly and through my lips came: “ What I wish for Christmas is my beloved partner!” What was I saying? Who was talking really -- what is this internal voice? I was witnessing and participating in this conversation in awe!

Santa, “Where is he?”; me, “ I don’t know”; Santa, “ Let’s find him!”; me: “ Absolutely!”

Little did I know that the Sacred Garden was created on the Sacred Kahuna Wishing Site, as my hostess explained to me later! And my unexpected wish came through in a couple of days! Michael, my “Uber driver” who was substituting for Michelle, who was called back to school that day unexpectedly, was waiting for me in the meditation space by a huge statue of a wooden Buddha. I later learned that it was carved in Bali and brought to Maui by special order years ago. I then realized that this vision was what my client was seeing in her session! :-) Later when I reflected upon my Hawaiian journey I understood the whole serendipity of the sequence of events bringing the gift from Spirit of our beloved Sacred Union.


I (Michael) had been on a 2-year pilgrimage travelling to sacred sites. When I was staying with a friend in London, recovering from my trip to Peru, the inspiration came over me to travel to the United States. I thought this was crazy because at the time I had little money and no visa.


I knew, however, that this was guidance and so I duly applied for a visa. Within a few days I was amazed to get a response back calling me in for an interview. I was astounded! I was a little concerned about the interview as I knew that standard procedure was to ask for proof of funds to travel with. I dressed up for the interview in an effort to look well off! :-) The lady behind the desk asked me a couple of cursory questions and then said my visa was granted for 10 years! Wow.


After being in the States for a couple of months, I was visiting Yosemite National Park when I heard the voice in my head saying clearly “ You are invited to Hawaii’!” I thought, “Okay, that is a little strange (as I had no plans to go there.)” I let go of that suggestion and continued my journey in the Continental U.S. Later that month I was visiting Yogananda’s ashram in Encinitas, California. I put my towel down on the sand and went for a swim in the ocean.


When I came out, written in huge letters in the sand next to my towel was the word ALOHA! I just laughed and looked around to see who had written the note? Hmm--my Higher Self needed big letters to get my attention. This time I was curious --what did all of this mean? I ran to the camper van and opened up my large U.S. atlas right to the page for Maui. Now I knew that it was time to pack my suitcase! I still had no idea why, but I continued to follow the voice and its guidance. Happy days!


After arriving in Maui I realized quickly that if I needed to get around the island I would need to rent a car -- especially if I were going to volunteer somewhere. The problem was that I had no credit card. I took a bus into the city center and looked at all of the car hire places and walked into the one that looked the most friendly. I told my story to the lady behind the counter. She smiled and said she would rent me a car in the middle of peak tourist season for 30 days at $ 10 per day. This was absolutely incredible! I thought--hmm-- spirit really wants me to tour the island! Little did I know that the car would play a crucial role for myself and Ah Nah to meet.


Every Sunday I attended the services at the Temple of Peace where I met a lovely lady named Michelle. She assisted me with a place to stay in exchange for some garden work. She had a large circle of spiritual friends and was an Uber driver for extra cash. She told me one day that she had met this lovely spiritual women named Ah Nah-- and that maybe I would be interested in meeting her too. I was not-- my focus was purely on my healing journey. No distractions, I thought to myself. Spirit called me to this island and I intended to be very present and focused with Spirit’s assignment! :-)

One day Michelle texted me and said that Ah Nah needed someone to take her around the island to visit sacred sites. (I had been initiated the day before on the Winter Solstice into the peace flame by a Hawaiian Kahuna). I said that would be perfect as I needed some extra cash and I knew of some powerful spots to take her!


I texted Ah Nah and she responded with a time to meet the next morning. I arrived early at the sacred garden where Ah Nah was staying and started to meditate under the large beautiful Buddha in the sanctuary. I opened my eyes and there was Ah Nah with a beautiful smile and joyful expression. We left for the sacred temple and on the way we decided to stop for some coffee to recharge and chat to get to know each other a little. When we sat down over our lattes I asked Ah Nah to tell me her story.   

She started to speak and all of a sudden I felt this incredible energy washing over me. I looked at her and through my open third eye-- I could see that she had a beautiful shinning necklace on with 7 diamonds (with the colors of the 7 rays). I also became aware that all of my spiritual guides were present around her as they were also her guides. I was stunned and I did not know what to think?!


Somewhere during the conversation I spontaneously asked if I could hug her. I just felt so much love present in my heart -- it was overflowing. She hesitantly agreed with a questioning look on her face. :-) We knocked her coffee down in the process--some of which landed on her white pants. Oops!


Later on as we approached the sacred temple the guides told me that she was to lead the way into the forest to uncover another sacred place. She took the lead and she, indeed, found a powerful spot in the forest just by listening to her heart’s knowing. I was stunned again! We sat down to meditate under a beautiful and old tree. After a while I had this strange feeling when, with my eyes closed, I could see and feel inwardly that my kundalini was being activated and then I saw hers was as well. I watched in wonder as the two streams of kundalini joined just above the second chakra and were dancing together. The feeling was so surreal - it was like watching two other people kissing above, yet having the sensations in my body so strongly. I was a little shaken by it all and shared my experience with her after we completed our meditation as well as some other visions I had of her and her connection to Lemuria. She was as surprised and in shock as I was. Oh, joy!


We had a picnic (by then I was ravenous) and suddenly a mist came and embraced us. All of it felt to be so magical, mystical and surreal. No thoughts, no mind...when we were walking to the car down a long path from the forest, she took my hand in hers and it felt like the most natural thing-- like I had known her and her beautiful heart so many times before,



with blessings of ascension and gratitude,on The Way with You Ah Nah and Michael in OneHealingPresence