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Ascension acceleration activation 7: 
VIOLET FLAME AND THE 7TH RAY OF TRANSMUTATION AND FREEDOM                                                                      

The Violet Flame is the greatest gift to mankind and specifically at this time of immense transformation, transmutation and transfiguration. For ages the violet flame, being such a powerful and sacred ascension tool for transformation, was a secret known only to the most advanced mystics and spiritual teachers from the East and West.  They taught this knowledge only to their dedicated disciples.  Now this sacred tool is available to all!

The Violet Flame is a high-frequency light, the radiation of the 7th ray of Divine Freedom. It is a gift from beloved Ascended Master, St. Germain, the Chohan and hierarchy of the 7th ray. 

Seen at one end of a rainbow's spectrum, it dissolves negative energy and restores it to the positive. It can, if used properly and wholeheartedly,

change one's life forever.


This Violet Light, being the missing key to create inner wholeness, vitality and health, transforms and enriches one's life and all relationships. It can free the unlimited power that exists within all of us.  One can easily integrate the violet flame into any spiritual path that is followed or used on its own. 

Violet light holds the highest frequency of the visible spectrum of light and its action in our bodies. When invoked sincerely it is like having a clearing bath in Epson salts. It is the spiritual eraser of all that is not of Light, not in balance and harmony,  and transmutes it into peace and joy.   


This great spiritual gift, being the single most beneficial tool for self- ascension, has the ability, literally, to erase our karma, trauma, depression, irritation, anger, sadness, pain and more.

On our road-map of ascension the violet flame plays a crucial role as the carrier of our soul to the higher Love and 5 secret rays. Thus we cannot access the next step on our ascension journey until we have built a momentum of violet fire. 


Of course one would want to use the greatest tool that will bring you complete joy, forgiveness, freedom and peace? 

In this AAA7 we cover: 

  • The 7 steps for putting the Violet Flame into action in one's life

  • Understanding the mechanics of the Violet Flame and its practical application in life

  • Practicing the Violet Flame mantras and experiencing the full power of this mighty flame. 

Ascension acceleration activation 8 :  lightbody activation 

In this step we begin the conscious discussion and awareness of the Light body yet in truth the activation of our light bodies has been occurring in varying degrees of progression. 

What is the Light body? The Light body is a 5th dimensional body structure, grid work of light and sacred geometry that brings together one's bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through the process of re-activation, re-generation and re-integration of the Light body (12 strands of DNA activations), one re-organizes the molecular structure, therefore allowing its electro-magnetic field to be freer and lighter.


The sacred geometry of the Light body is also called the  "Merkaba". This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links one's multidimensional self with Universal Consciousness. Light is a type of energy. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength which can be detected by the human eye. Light  shows properties of both waves and particles. Light exists in tiny energy packets called photons.

We are mostly aware of our physical body which represents the 3rd dimensional polarity. Every physical object in our universe exists with a length, width, height, and duration of existence. The fourth dimension is of time, known as duration. The fourth dimension is the astral or emotional body.  The second dimension has area, and the third dimension has volume. 


The universe we inhabit has three spacial dimensions, or directions. Living in more dimensions means having more directions one can move in.


As our beloved planet moves through its ascension we are being directly re-connected to our Lightbody. Our DNA is waking up and shifting from carbon based to crystalline, the outer layer of Light Body (Merkaba). Merkaba activation is the process of taking the inert Merkaba and starting it spinning in motion so that it can connect us to the Source and energy fields that exist throughout the universe.

Everything has energy. In physics, energy is defined as the ability or capacity to do work or to produce change. Forms of energy include heat, light, sound, electricity, and chemical energy.  Electric current is a flow of energy. This simply means we have the ability to metabolize the light. How exciting!


Our seven chakra system gets a well earned overhaul as it moves to three and next into one unified chakra.

This transmutation process comes with many different ascension acceleration symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, flu-like sensations, ringing in the ears, blurry vision, to name a few.  It can be very taxing on our physical bodies. Thus awareness of this process and ways to assist with it are crucial.


 In this AAA 8 we cover: 

  • Anatomy of the Spirit (what does our subtle body system look like)

  • Understanding of the Light body: structure and ascension acceleration symptoms

  • Light body activation (12 strands of DNA activation)

  • Tools to assist and nourish the Light body

  • The surrender process: practical applications on how to live in trust, not fear

  • Guidelines in how to live 5th dimensionally, out of a healed heart center, while still in the 3rd dimensional world of polarity.

Ascension acceleration activation 9 :

"And so I have come forth to release at the behest of the Lords of Karma an extraordinary assistance through the momentum of the secret rays that descend now from the heart of Alpha and Omega, from the hearts of the mighty Elohim and their heavenly consorts who send forth the aspect of the masculine, the aspect of the feminine of the secret rays. And they are spiraling into manifestation through the etheric, the mental, the emotional, and into the physical plane of the planet Earth."

                                   ~ Mighty Cosmos through Mark and Elizabeth Prophet


We have now moved through 8 steps which build on each other, however the self- ascension process is not always sequential. Our journeys are all different and each of us experiences returning home individually in the perfect way for us. This path to self-realization is overseen by our Higher Self and assisted by Higher Beings of Light.

Moving into this final point of departure does require that we have cleared, purified and balanced our 4 lower bodies, healed our human heart, activated the cosmic heart, balanced the feminine and masculine parts of us, activated our Merkaba as well as integrated and anchored the 7 rays of light.


It also requires that we are well on our way in the activation and expansion of our Light body and have built a significant momentum of the Violet Flame.

As our ability to be pure light grows, we come to a point when we come into contact with the 5 inner rays. The 7 rays we have seen previously represent the visible spectrum of light and as such are outer rays.  This can be compared to the keys on a piano which have 12 notes: 7 white notes and 5 half-step interval notes on the black keys. 


The Five Secret Rays are powerful emanations of Light that purify and purge us so that we emanate the divine perfection. All five secret rays were released to the earth by Mighty Cosmos on April 8, 1973


Mighty Cosmos explains the action of the secret rays:

"The secret rays promote an action of detail, the final sculpturing of the mind and consciousness in the perfect image of the Christ. The secret rays are like the refiner's fire. They purge, they purify. When man has said of himself “My work is finished,” I have sent forth the secret rays to show him that the detail was not finished. For in the conclusion of the spiral, the Law requires perfection.

The secret rays come into your being to arrange the floral offering of the soul, to see that all is in readiness that you might stand before the Court of the Sacred Fire and present yourself in the best Light, the best image which you can master and which you have built as the giant pyramid through the ages of incarnation.

You have heard that man is a starry body, a five-pointed star. The five points of Light that make the star of this version of man’s consciousness are the five secret rays. The exactness of the secret rays as they are released from the centers placed within your form for this purpose goes forth into the world to draw all into the plumb line of divinity. I say then, this is no time for dalliance, for sloppiness, for lack of cleanliness in your person. For this is the hour when God demands the allness of man. And perfection is the great standard."

                                             ~ Elizabeth Prophet, Summit Lighthouse publication


In this AAA 9 we move through a five stage progress, fully guided and assisted by five Inner Rays of Light at the moment of activation:

  • Re-opening 

  • Re-cognizing 

  • Re-leasing 

  • Re-covering 

  • Re-generating

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