Individual remote Healing sessions

Guided by one's own Spirit, individual healing sessions (in person or remotely) consist of following (dependable of one's intention):

  • diagnosis and removal of the blockages in the seven chakras, cause and effect;

  • healing/balancing of the imbalances of the 4 lower bodies, cause and effect;

  • releasing unwanted energetic attachments from the energy body;

  • healing past traumas, depression, pain, habitual patterns, etc.;

  • soul retrieval, recovery of soul fragmentation;

  • healing of one's inner child personality;

  • Akashic records reading;

  • accessing one's past lives wisdom for the healing of the present;

  • visions and messages from one's Higher Self for moving forward with one's Soul Mission;

  • tools and intuitive practical guidance for one's ascension;


A note about remote healing:

Through many years of offering our services we have experienced that remote healing sessions (where we are not physically in the same space with our client, however in the same reality) can be even more effective as there tends to be less mental interference.

Notwithstanding this, each remote session does include a pre-session connection conversation (via Skype, Facetime, or a phone conversation) and a full post-session feedback of intuitive messages, visions and guidance from Spirit.

A gentle and supported seven-day healing integration process follows each session.  If you have more questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.