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"The angels are requesting that the IET community work directly with them to introduce a special infusion of angelic energy designed to bring about a much higher level of peace, harmony, and love in our lives and in the lives of people worldwide. This angelic energy will help to clear resistance to love that are creating global warming, civil wars, and unrest worldwide. The angels cannot effectively bring their angelic energy of transformation to the earth plane alone. But with our help, together, we can accomplish the angels’ mission. "

They are not asking us to travel to one location on the Earth, but rather, they are asking us to each participate from our own geographic area and follow a special energy process which will result in the creation of a worldwide grid of angelic energy. Angel Ariel calls this the “World Angel Grid”. Spiritual growth follows a quantum step path and the World Angel Grid will support the world in taking that next quantum step along its spiritual path.  


In this light- we also would like to invite you-- to join us for a free meditation call every Monday for one hour at 11 am  Pacific time- specifically for the connection with World Angels Grid, all humanity and mother Earth! Angels have asked us--IET--practitioners  to connect with them through the heartlinks as much as we can-- in group meditations to help the world crisis, to transform all negativity within us as well as outside of us--NOW!Every heartlink matters!

These call are supporting you as a light worker, the whole humanity and the world in these challenging times for us all!


This is a time for action and the best one we can do now is the healing meditation for the world and our Beloved Gaia!

As we build our light stronger we are able to share it with another with every thought, word and action!


We are looking forward to connect and commune with You, beloved earthly angels!

With many blessings of ascension and gratitude for your presence at this time,

Healing Angels of Human Energy Field and Ah Nah


Every Monday 


11 am PST

2pm EST

8pm in Europe

8pm in South Africa


Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-6165

Access code: 436160#

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: onehealingpresence

Join the online meeting: