Healing with the Angels of integrative energy therapy (iet)

This is a one-day workshop in which each participant receives direct revelation, initiation and interaction to the 9 main Healing Angels of Integrative Energy Therapy.


It is a life changing initiation into consciously interacting with Healing Angels (ARIEL, MICHAEL, SARAH, DANIEL, CASSIEL, FAITH, CELESTINA, GABRIEL and RAPHAEL,) for the unfoldment of your Soul Mission.


Each Angel brings a healing gift in assisting you to clear blocks such as:

  • Limiting self-will,

  • Heartache and Betrayal,

  • Self Judgments,

  • Powerlessness,

  • Fear,

  • swallowed self-expression


    and replace them with: 

  • Creative Expression,

  • Unconditional love,

  • Empowerment,

  • Protection,

  • Your Souls mission,

  • Divine Direction and  Freedom.


For further information about Integrated Energy Therapy please visit www.LearnIET.com