know thyself
Ascension acceleration activation 1  :
Creating Self-Awareness of personality  programming:                                       




Self-awareness  group sessions are designed to assist one to become one's own Self-Ascension coach. Essentially these sessions provide the tools and framework to transform one's self from self defeating habits to empowered living. 

The process: Create awareness of one's human conditioning and then providing the tools to transcend limiting habits, attachments and self-defeating behaviors.

Topics covered in AAA1:


  • Human conditioning and how to break the cycle;

  • Mastering relationships

  • Archetypal roles: The Human Triangle. Victim/ Tyrant/ Rescuer

  • Balancing and breaking out of habitual patterning of the roles.

  • Observing one's Life Script and creating a new life script. 

  • The Enneagram types. Intensive Training and guided self-reflection.

Brief Summary of the Enneagram:

  • Teaches archetypal model of nine types.  It is used for personal development from an open system perspective.

  • Provides deeper insights into core motivations and fears driving behavior, needs and interactions.

  • Explores layers of personality in understanding human nature and consciousness.

  • Illustrates a conflict profile, communication style, and centers of expression.

  • Demonstrates a clear picture of the expression of one's essence and a guide for its integration. 

The Enneagram is an online test of 175 multiple choice questions and takes only approximately 35 minutes to complete.

Ascension acceleration activation 2 :
Ascended astrology and the 4 Elements ( fire, air, water, earth)                                                                                                        


Ascended Astrology with the Cosmic Clock and 4 Elements

One of the main challenges that every person seeking self-improvement or full self-realization faces is one’s personal karma.  Our personal habits and tendencies come from our Karma. (The word karma comes from the words Ka Ra Ma or the cause of the ray in manifestation).

The challenges we have to overcome in our self and our circumstances come from our Karma. Simply put we have misused our free will whilst we are in a physical body by disqualifying energy. In this way, we need to account for this and rectify this disqualification. 

Karma can be considered the law of Cause and effect

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Or a more scientific explanation.

Newton observed, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Thus, from lifetime to lifetime man determines his fate by his actions, including his thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.


“All that we are in our karma. Everything that we are is the result of everything that we have ever been. Ones karma is oneself”.Predict your Future by Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

We might not like our circumstances or personal challenges not our negative habits but we are required to overcome them. It is the equivalent of the proverbial David slaying Goliath. The Goliath is our personal karma.


Knowing your karma is the best way to deal with it.

Knowing thyself is the beginning of Wisdom as Aristotle said. 

It is so much easier on the path of self-realization if you have some sort of road map to assist. A way in which to really understand where you are and what you need to work on.

This is a much faster route than continually trying many different self-help techniques but not really understanding what is going on. You cannot slay your Goliath if you do not know where to aim your slingshot.


The science of the cosmic clock is a tool for the charting of the cycles of our lives. It is not traditional astrology. It is an inner astrology whereby we can chart the cycles of our karma and be the master of our fate, our cycles and our destiny.


 It also allows us to chart the cycles of our dharma (good works)  and to fulfill our reason for being.


As the wheel of the cosmic clock turns day by day and we experience the cycles of our tests and initiations in life, an awareness of this science can help us pass these tests.


The cosmic clock will open up such a deep understanding of yourself that you will be able to contextualize your life, your relationships and your career.


The cosmic clock and unlocking your gifts in this lifetime

The cosmic clock also provides the tool for understand our good works or dharma and to how to call on these special skills to assist us in overcoming our negative momentum's. Our good works are stored in our causal body and these can be accessed to provide us a springboard of momentum to overcome our negative patterns of habitual creation.



Topics that will be covered in the course: 

  • Predicting your future by plotting the cycles of change

  • The law of cycles

  • Understanding your basic Natal astrological chart

  • The astrological sign of your God consciousness, Christ consciousness and Soul Consciousness (outer personality).

  • Understanding your psychology of being.

  • Plotting your Karma and understanding the tests for this life time.

  • Approximating your level of karma based on the clock.

  • Understanding the 4 elements of human design (Fire, Air, Water and Earth).

  • Charting the cycles of your family on the cosmic clock.Study of the subconscious and super conscious mind. Unlocking your gifts and natural talents

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Ascension acceleration activation 3 :
Purification of the 4 lower bodies
 (Etheric, mental, emotional & physical)

The physical world, as we know it, has four main elements which make up the whole of physical existence. The descension of the soul into physical reality traces the path of stepping down our frequencies through the  4 elements. First we spiral through fire and then through air and water and finally earth. Thus, the ascension path traces this process in reverse. 

In a practical sense this cleans up and balances the four main bodies which are utilized as the vehicle for the soul during it's earthly journey. Each body corresponds to a different element: 

  • Fire Element corresponds to our etheric body (memory body); 

  • Air element corresponds to our mental body (mind); 

  • Water element corresponds to our emotional body (feelings);

  • Earth element corresponds to our physical body;

Often the imbalance or blockage in one body creates instability in other bodies because they are greatly influenced by each other's state. Thus it is crucial to be vigilant by checking all of them daily.  They can be literally "scrubbed", purifying them until they are clear enough to hold more and more of the Light, love and wisdom for the One Healing Presence to radiate through. 

In the AAA3 we cover the following topics : 


  • Identifying blockages, clearing and purifying the four lower bodies

  • Identifying imprints of old memories, clearing and purifying the memory (etheric) body

  • Identifying imprints of old feelings, clearing emotional attachments and healing the emotional layer of the body

  • Identifying imprints of old limiting beliefs and mental habitual patterns, clearing and healing the mental layer of the body

  • Identifying physical discomforts and blockages, clearing and healing the imbalances within the physical layer of the body; nutritional guidelines for the nourishment of all the four layers of our body