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heal thyself
Ascension acceleration activation 4 :  
Healing of the heart & learning to live from the heart

The world we see today is a result of humanity primarily living a non-heart centered life. Thus humanity's energy is clogged up just below their heart chakra and most of the energy is focused through the first three chakras. (focused on survival or making money, on sexuality and pleasures or on power and control). 

Why do we struggle to lift ourselves up to focus our energy through our heart so that we can create the world we want?  The physical heart and the heart chakra shut down through traumatic experiences of betrayal by parents or partners, relationships from which we were looking for love, support and acceptance.

All past unhealed and unforgiven wounds, resentments and injustices close our beautiful hearts. During each day we have little highs when our hearts open up for a brief moment (mostly when something  goes our way) and then close again,  leaving us defensive and shut down. The heart has many layers like the layers of an onion and each is required to be carefully and gently peeled back as the healing light is being infused.


In our healing practice we have seen so many hearts covered in thick,  overprotective armor, like a fortress built to keep away potential physical and energetic attacks (betrayal, rejection, abandonment, humiliation, etc.) In this state it is very difficult to cultivate open, trusting and fulfilled relationships and long-lasting, whole partnerships of any kind. 

Thus this fourth activation is a crucial point of departure on our ascension journey as we move into living permanently in the new state of being, in higher love, harmony and joy,  aligned more than ever with our true authentic Selves. 

In this AAA4 we cover: 

  • Identifying and healing our core wounding, traumas of the human heart 

  • Re-connecting and healing of the inner child 

  • Re-cognizing wounds of the childhood and healing the parental relationships 

  • Releasing the frozen aspects of inner children 

  • Learning how to practically apply Radical Forgiveness practices for healing of the heart

  • Opening up the path to and claiming of the Cosmic Heart  

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Ascension acceleration activation 5 : 
balancing of the masculine and feminine

The Soul journey is a journey through the seals (chakras) of our body. Each chakra has a primary energy expression of a specific gender.


This is not gender in terms of being either male of female but rather carrying the energy of the masculine expression or feminine expression.


The base chakra carries the energy of the masculine and can be equated to the cave man era where physical survival power was supreme. After we learned to cultivate land and created farms the primary expression moved into the feminine, valuing fertility the highest. This is the second seal, or sexual chakra. Building large family units was incredibly valuable to assist with all of the work that having a farm required.


As life progressed we shifted into the third seal, or control chakra which carries again a masculine expression. In this era intellectual power, logic, science were valued. This era of patriarchy has come to an end although we still see the evidence of this in our power structures, business and forms of government as well as some family structures and relationships which are based on the old  consciousness.

We have moved beyond this into the fourth energy center, or fourth seal. This chakra carries both the masculine and feminine expression in perfect balance and is androgynous.

A brief examples of the two genders expressions: 

              Feminine Energy:

  • letting things happen

  • nurturing

  • compassionate

  • sensual

  • seductive

  • passive

  • feeling

  • complex


               Masculine Energy:

  • making things happen

  • protective

  • loving

  • sexual

  • desiring

  • active

  • visual

  • focused

This means that to live from the heart requires you to not only heal your heart but to balance your masculine and feminine expressions within whether you are in a male body or female body. Often we have one side of our self projected out when we look for that missing part in the  form of a romantic partner. This is often why relationships do not last and can be so painful. At some point on our soul's journey we may realize the ultimate truth: we cannot get from anyone what is lacking in ourselves. The only way to get it is to have it is to give it to ourselves.  

Thus in this AAA5 we will cover the following:  

  • Identifying our imbalances and projected parts

  • Balancing our polarities

  • Integrating  and healing our missing side and aspects thereof

  • Creating a framework for intimacy with our self

  • Acquiring knowledge and skills about Sacred Union (whole) relationships

Ascension acceleration activation 6 :
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White light refracting into seven colors. 

All energy in our beloved Universe radiates from our beautiful, tireless Sun which also reflects light to the moon every night. It comes through in the form of white light and has both particle and wave nature.


Although we believe that the physical word is made up of hard substance matter when we mostly view the world through our five senses, our eyes see physical things and our hands touch objects.  We notice many different forms and shapes (including our own bodies).

In essence, however, everything is made up of light at the quantum level. When light is refracted through a prism it splits into seven visible colors. Each of these colors represents a frequencya principle, and a quality.  Science will tell you that each color has a different vibratory rate with red being the lowest to violet being the highest.


Every day, as energetic beings, we receive white light through our electro-magnetic field or energy body (aura) to our heart center from where it is then radiated (rays) out to the remaining chakras (lower and upper). The chakras are energy wheels (or seals) which, like transformers, receive, transform and distribute energy throughout the body systems and organs. As mentioned above,  the white light refracts into seven colors of light, each carrying a specific virtue and quality of one's Higher Self.  The colors, the chakras, their qualities  and virtues are as follows:


















Each of the rays creates a specific positive action in the body, heart, mind and soul. We all have these qualities and virtues within us and thus the 7 Ray initiations and activation are the re-anchoring of these frequencies in our 4 lower bodies. 

These are powerful transmissions from the higher realms that act as a giant step on our path towards ascension and self-mastery.  We cannot ascend until we have mastered these 7 rays and anchored their frequencies. 

Each ray has Ascended Beings and Archangels working within its vibratory rate and overseeing its distribution to all of Creation. They are holding the pure frequency of that fraction of light, radiating it throughout the universes and galaxies. For example the 5th ray of healing is radiated by beloved Ascended Master Lord Hilarion and beloved Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary. 

In this AAA6  we cover: 

  • Activation and anchoring each ray of divine energy of white light for each participant

  • Channeling the frequencies of the particular ray via I Am Presence from the Ascended Masters and Archangels

  • Providing detailed information on each ray, its qualities and virtues, with practical examples of applications to every-day life

  • Information about Ascended Masters and Archangels, their guidance for self-ascension as well as the ways of direct connection, communication and communion with each of them

  • Each participant will receive the information about their primary ray as well as their chosen soul ray of service for this incarnation