Inner Conflict  processing

This is a 2 hour processing session where participants use the inner conflict process technique to bring themselves back into balance and harmony. The technique is simple to use , yet extremely effective in dissolving states of polarization.. Inner conflict if unresolved will result in outer conflict. 


“Conflict must be between two forces. There is nothing that you can attack that is not “a- part” of you”. 

By attacking it you make two illusions of yourself in conflict with each other”. This occurs when you look upon anything that God created with anything but love”.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

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Detail of the Service:


The Integtative energy Therapy call is only open to those who have undergone the basic level and above training in IET.


The service is on Monday morning from 11;00 to 12;00 PT. 

Let us know you would like to join by clicking the button at the bottom of the page so we can send you the details of how to access the call. 

"The angels are requesting that the IET community work directly with them to introduce a special infusion of angelic energy designed to bring about a much higher level of peace, harmony, and love in our lives and in the lives of people worldwide. This angelic energy will help to clear resistance to love that are creating global warming, civil wars, and unrest worldwide. The angels cannot effectively bring their angelic energy of transformation to the earth plane alone. But with our help, together, we can accomplish the angels’ mission. "

They are not asking us to travel to one location on the Earth, but rather, they are asking us to each participate from our own geographic area and follow a special energy process which will result in the creation of a worldwide grid of angelic energy. Angel Ariel calls this the “World Angel Grid”. Spiritual growth follows a quantum step path and the World Angel Grid will support the world in taking that next quantum step along its spiritual path.  


In this light- we also would like to invite you-- to join us for a free meditation call every Monday for one hour at 11 am  Pacific time- specifically for the connection with World Angels Grid, all humanity and mother Earth! Angels have asked us--IET--practitioners  to connect with them through the heartlinks as much as we can-- in group meditations to help the world crisis, to transform all negativity within us as well as outside of us--NOW!Every heartlink matters!

These call are supporting you as a light worker, the whole humanity and the world in these challenging times for us all!


This is a time for action and the best one we can do now is the healing meditation for the world and our Beloved Gaia!

As we build our light stronger we are able to share it with another with every thought, word and action!

We are looking forward to connect and commune with You, beloved earthly angels!

With many blessings of ascension and gratitude for your presence at this time,

Healing Angels of Human Energy Field and Ah Nah

violet flame services

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Detail of the Service:


The violet flame service is every Sunday morning from 08;00 to 09;00 PT. 

Let us know you would like to join by clicking the button at the bottom of the page so we can send you the details of how to access the call. 

"The Violet Flame is the key to individual and world transmutation. 


It works in microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds, from the smallest particle of matter to molecule to mind to materialization in man and mundane circles.

The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, that aspect of the white light that is called the seventh ray. It is indeed the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. 


Just as the sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the rainbow of the seven color rays, so through the consciousness of the Holy Spirit the light of the Christ is refracted for mankind's use in the planes of Matter.

Each of the seven rays is a concentrated, activating force of the light of God having a specific color and frequency. Each ray can also manifest as a flame of the same color and vibration.

 The application of the flame results in a specific action of the Christ in body and soul, mind and heart.

Simply put, the flame is an intensification of a light ray that has been stepped up by the fervor of your heart's call and the zeal of the Lord's response. 

The phenomenon brings to mind the physical counterpart: a ray of light from the sun passed through a magnifying glass causing an object to burst into flame.

When you invoke the violet flame for the healing of a specific problem, this is how it works. It envelops each atom of your being individually. Instantaneously a polarity is set up between the nucleus of the atom (which, being Matter, assumes the negative pole) and the white-fire core of the flame (which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole).

The dual action of the light in the nucleus of the atom and the light in the enveloping violet flame establishes an oscillation that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons. 


As this substance is loosened, at non-physical, or “meta-physical,” dimensions of matter the electrons begin to vibrate with an increased amount of energy, throwing the misqualified substance into the violet flame.

On contact with this fiery essence of freedom's flame, the misqualified energy is transmuted and God's energy is restored to its native purity."