Ancient Sacred Egypt 

Your Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Heritage awaits you ....

Ancient Egypt Ascension Pilgrimage

10th to 23rd November 2020

About Ancient Egypt 

Many wisdom and ancient texts record that following the fall of Atlantis (Pre 10 000 BC) there, occurred in a number of areas in the world a spontaneous rise of civilization and previously unheralded sophistication. Areas and civilizations such as Egyptian, Incan, Tibetan, Sumerian.

 This presupposes that the most evolved souls on Atlantis knew of the coming catastrophe and made preparations to re-establish the wisdom traditions in diversified areas of the ancient world. In this way the spark of advancement, learning and the development of consciousness was not lost but merely re-enacted, re-established and retained in varying forms and cultures.

These advanced souls are with us today and the fact that you are interested in visiting Egypt means that you are one of these souls. 
















Your Egyptian and Atlantean heritage is alive and well and is waiting for you to remember and reconnect to your lineage.  What an incredible feeling it is to sit in an Egyptian temple and remember that you performed and also received many initiations into higher consciousness.

To visit Egypt is to light a fire in one’s consciousness for everywhere is evidence of the transcendence of one’s true nature. How is it possible that the Pyramids were built and to such exact sacred geometrical proportions? Why did Egyptians revere the afterlife?  The ancient Egyptians created structures and cosmology that fires the imagination, inviting one to question all that one believed to be true.  

Egypt enables one to perceive oneself as more than just a human consciousness but a radiant being of light.

It is a land of magic and mystery.


About the Sacred Pilgrimage


This sacred pilgrimage is for the CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION and COMMUNION with One Healing Presence that resides in all.

We will commune with the Presence in the form of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian Gods and Guides (Neteru- Nature spirits and deities). 

In each temple every participant will receive Initiations and Ascension frequency upgrades.

Channeled communication will spontaneously occur along our path tailored for the group by One Healing Presence.

We will immerse ourselves in Ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings with particular emphasis on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth with daily readings and contemplation upon their wisdom—expending our consciousness in the process. 

We will commence each day with a morning mediation and close each evening with a group sharing.

The following interventions will be offered to the group


  • Ascension Initiations

  • Group wisdom channeling

  • Cosmic group life regression

  • Sacred Geometry on the Flower of Life

  • Emerald Tablet readings and Initiations

  • Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowl 

  • Soul life visions

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