Healing Relationships over christmas

Every year cycle, at this moment, in time and space, as we know IT-- we are being given, by Universe, the opportunity to look at and clear the underlying patterns that no longer serve us. This special emphasis is on the process of identifying, releasing, letting go and forgiving. After that we have an amazing opportunity for expansion. This is the time (end of the year) for claiming ourselves even more while the Universe is supporting us in preparation for a fast approaching power of 2020!


Everything is achievable, when we tune into it! Do you have any blocks in specific areas of your life? Is there any stubborn habitual patterns that you can not clear? Any deep hidden trauma to heal? Any physical dis-eases, dis-comforts, your body manifests?

During this last energetic stretch of the few weeks left in 2019 we all have a chance to clear and complete our instant and ancestral karma (going back seven generations) very quickly if we choose to!

Such a powerful month packed with radiating energies of Full Moon -12/10/19,

energetic alignment of the 12/12/19 ( numerologically 3/3/3=9 completion),

intense energies and "thin veil" - opportunity for deeper and easier connection with spirit during the Winter Solstice time--(12/21/19 -again numerologically 3/3/3=9- completion),

followed by Solar Eclipse/New Moon: 12/25-26th --Christmas time!


Law of Attraction applies equally, whether you inherited them or created them yourself! Every single thought we have, every word we say, every action we take, every re-action, every inter-action effects our energy field--therefore the karma, instant or ancestral , we attract to ourselves according to the Law of Attraction. Now-- we have the opportunity, power and full assistance of the Universe--to clear and let go of the old, to change the present and to create the New Us and the New Life-- in the next present moment.


Forgiveness is the key! Within many meetings and Christmas celebration times with family and friends we have such an incredible opportunities for to let go, forgive and love unconditionally, unselfishly-- all that arises internally and externally. This is our divine chance to practice mastery of love, to walk gracefully to-gether, united and supported by each others love and grace! When we are triggered by someone's action or their words -- we feeling hurt, sadness, we feeling rejected, humiliated, betrayed or abounded.


At that moment most of us are in the pain body, not thinking in gratitude, " oh, this is an opportunity for me to practice the Law of Grace, Mercy and Oneness." Instead, we have a very strong emotional re-action. The Law of Grace is all about giving unconditional love, it is a Golden Role of Unselfish Love, that resolves karma quickly and harmoniously. The Law of Oneness knows that we are all One-- that there is no separation and that what I do to other I do to myself.

When I am angry at another, I am truly angry at myself. The only person that is hurting here is me. So we have re-action! We are repeating the trigger again ( the key: re-action). We witnessing ourselves in that pain-body re-action. What's next?


Spirit teaches us that what is important in all of this: not to dwell in the emotional pain - to witness It, and to step out of It-- to take an action, take a step forward. You forgive--the experience that you created, the other and yourself! You bless "All the Players" of your life! You let go and let God/Spirit to take care of IT. And there is no karma, no strings attached, all dissolved in Grace.


First we watch our thoughts, then the words, let them be gentle,kind and loving.

Second, we do not judge! Third, even when we did for a moment or so, we forgive, we let go and let the light in, touch of grace, blessing those, who seem to harm us in anyway. Make sure to see them happy for you will be happy too! Sun shines on us all equally! Let us all be the extensions of the Sun's warmth. The Divine Rays of Light in action ! Let It shine, Let It shine! Let It shine!


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi

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