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About Us 


Ah Nah Danuta Burnat

Meeting Ah Nah--  a spiritual teacher, an empathic healer and an ordained Self-Ascension and Interfaith minister.


Ah Nah's compassionate and curious nature has led her to fulfill many different roles in her life's journey -- school teacher, owner of a few independent businesses (one of them being a Polish bookshop and cafe), mother, wife and more -- prior to  dedicating herself to the Ascension Ministry of support, healing and spiritual teaching.  


As a healer, minister and self-ascension life coach, Ah Nah expresses her true soul purpose with loving joy, heart-felt compassion and authentic generosity.

Ah Nah has natural healing inclinations and a deep desire to assist and support others in their healing journey, to free themselves and to find their authentic expression (as she has going through her own). This led her to seek and study many modalities of healing arts, some of them being: nutrition, herbology, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Avesa Quantum Healing, Seven Ray Mystery School, Energy Mirrors, Self-Ascension Ministry, Comparative Religion, "A Course in Miracles" Interfaith ministerial studies.

Throughout raising her three children and providing the community with her healing/ministerial services in "The Healing Center of Light", founded in 2005 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. 

"The Healing Center of Light" was a sacred, tranquil space for deep inner healing and self-realization (self-ascension) serving the community full-time for 12 years with countless private and group healing sessions, energy healing classes, workshops, retreats, study groups, weekly meditations as well as joyful celebratory gatherings of like-minded people. 

In addition to guiding others with tools for their awakening journey of self-ascension through her intuitive abilities of direct knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling, Ah Nah assists others in re-cognizing and clearing energetic blocks, congested, unwanted energies and imprints.

Ah Nah's offerings, as a conduit for light and loving grace, are guided by the Universal Spirit through her open channel of Healing Presence.

These bring deep and powerful energies of transformation and healing to her individual and group sessions, workshops and gatherings of the spirit.

Her ongoing spiritual studies, as well as self-ascension training and life trans-formative initiations, have led Ah Nah to a deeper understanding of the cyclical nature of life in all of its connectivity.  She also recognizes the challenges of one's human journey to awaken to authenticity of being Spirit in form.

Ah Nah is very grateful to be able to combine her passion for life transformations with her love of travel and pilgrimages to sacred sites, where she communes and exchanges with the energies of land, people, and other cultures, sharing her light, love and awareness. 

" It is my honor and joy to share with you my life's living, breathing Presence of the Ministry of Thy Self. There is no other, only One of us -- Love expressing It-Self through each one of us as we allow it and accept it -- Universal Spirit."

                                                                             ~ Joyfully grateful, Ah Nah Danuta



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Michael John Raal

In 2004, Michael experienced a spontaneous awakening experience whilst living in his native home of South Africa.  At the time he was pursuing a successful corporate career as Managing Director of a Financial Services Company . The awakening experience brought much of his true soul mission to light but it left him with little understanding of how to live as an awakened human being.Thus the process of the integrating of his soul purpose began. 


In 2008 he left the corporate world full time and started a service consultancy dedicated to serving others.  He  earned his certifications in NeuroLinguistic Programming( NLP),  Master Conscious Coaching, Master Enneagram Practitioner and Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools practitioner. In the next few years he engaged in transformation work with Corporations in Culture Change interventions. 


During this time he completed the "Spiritual Warrior" training under an enlightened spiritual Master.  As part of this training he went into a deep process of bringing to light his unconscious and subconscious patterns, hidden motivations, behaviors and limiting beliefs through integrative shadow work. 

As a  natural consequence of this work, through divine grace, his psychic and visionary ability opened up allowing him to access symbolic and visionary messages from Spirit. Following this he completed his advanced training in Integrative Energy Therapy (Cellular healing) and Reiki.


Michael offerings are guided by Spirit's wisdom and grace through his open channel of One Healing Presence.  His passion is awakening a person's true soul's potential, including the freedom and expansion that comes from expressing one's Inner Self. He is cognizant of maintaining a balance between the practical, grounded requirements of day-to-day living and the deep, mystical, unseen realms.


 " I have long struggled to live my own life free from fear, limitation and stress. It would be my greatest joy to assist you in freeing yourself from fear and finding your own center of joy and freedom.  I look forward to assisting you in becoming your own beautiful healing presence."  

                                                                               ~ Deeply grateful,

                                                                                           Michael John

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Our Soul Mission 

Ah Nah and Michael:


"In 2016 we were so blessed that Grace brought us together to form a sacred union dedicated to bring the ascension energies of divine joy, love and expansion to all.

It is our mission to re-connect you with your Divine potential and help you re-member your Soul's purpose while activating expansion on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is, truly our honor and greatest joy to assist and guide you on your self-ascension journey of re-discovering your beautiful Soul, your Authentic Self."

To read our sacred union story, please scroll to the picture on the top of this page. Namaste'